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Hello! Welcome to Tea-Nation.
Tea-Nation is a sideblog dedicated to tea. Here I review teas, tea companies, and tea products-- basically all things tea. I am also a tea blender on Adagio.

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🌸Sakura allure, cold steeped in ginger ale ♥️

Hello everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post about some summer tea steeping.

One of my favorite things to do, is to steep my loose leaf in ginger ale!
Any old ginger ale works. I use a coffee filter to separate the loose leaf from the ginger ale, but you can use whatever you fancy. let it sit for a few minutes, and you’re good to go!


Hiya tea fiends <3 In light of all of the excitement for the new season of GoT, Adagio has released a Game of Tea sampler with Stark Winterbrew, Lannister Royaltea, Targaryen Spirits, Drogon’s Revenge, Rhaegal’s Fire, and Viserion’s Bane!

This is collection is pretty chai heavy (as that was one of the ideas behind tying the dragons to Daenerys—each one is a different chai blend)

Anyway, go forth and drink with dragons! (or direwolves… or lions… or you know.)

Definitely next on my list ! 

Umbreon tea review- adagio teas
Smell: sweet and like a chocolate bar
Pure- at first I get a strong rooibos chai taste, followed by a sharp caramel flavor
W/additives- with additives this turns into a creamy caramel drink, with a bit of spice.

Eevee tea review- adagio teas
Smell: nutty, warm and sweet
Pure- pretty much how it smell. Sweetly nutty and warm, with a touch of cinnamon
W/additives- I really like this with a bit of sugar and milk. Also tried it with a bit of hot cocoa mix… REALLY good
Overall: 10/10

Espeon tea review- adagio teas
Smell: oddly… Floral… And fruity
Pure- not very good… It’s got a slightly tangy, slightly jammy taste, but it’s extremely floral to the point where its akin to eating a flower
W/additives- sugar and milk make this a bit better, but not much
Overall: 4/10
I myself enjoy a good floral tea, but this… Is a bit much for me. It’s really not in my tastes, but may be yours

Charmander tea review- adagio teas
Smell: very ginger-y and spices
Pure- it’s a simple chai, gingery, cinnamony.. I don’t taste the apple. But it’s a nice chai
W/additives- some sugar makes the apple slightly noticeable, I can detect it now.
Overall: 7/10 
It’s a chai.

Pikachu tea review - adagio teas
Smell: extremely fruity smell, I can tell it will be tangy
Pure- it’s extremely tangy, and reminds me of cough medicine somewhat. It has a very “lemon cough drop” taste, as well as a “cherry NyQuil” flavor. This is all mixed in with the classic rooibos taste.
W/additives- it tastes a bit better with sugar, because it calms the tangy ness. But still not great.. May be good iced?
Overall: 4/10
I’ll try it iced and do a review on that at a later time

Bulbasaur tea review- adagio teas
Smell: this smells a lot like lemonade! It’s a really sweet, citrusy smell
Taste: pure- citrusy, with a light astringency. This tastes a lot like those lemonade/tea mixes you can buy bottled
W/additives- with a bit of sugar, this tastes great. I wasn’t expecting to be a fan of this tea, but I definitely am.
Overall: 7.5/10 

I’m posting this as a size reference to these samplers. I actually though they would be quite a bit larger actually, so I thought this might be helpful to some :)

My Pokemon fandom sampler just came in!

My teas were on the popular page!!

Strawberry cream white tea from teavana
Smell: like a strawberry lifesaver candy
Pure- tangy, sweet and very berry like. But a little too “herbal tea”
W/additives- sweeter, creamier. Not anything special.
It’s okay. Not worth the $12 though. More of an herbal than a white tea

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