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Hello! Welcome to Tea-Nation.
Tea-Nation is a sideblog dedicated to tea. Here I review teas, tea companies, and tea products-- basically all things tea. I am also a tea blender on Adagio.

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Tea review:
Oprah Chai from teavana
Smell: very spicy, I can smell the ginger most
Pure- a deeper tasting tea base, with lots of sharp spices. A more spicy chai than Teavana’s Samurai Chai. 
W/ sugar- still very sharply spiced, but the sweetness compliments it very nicely. I prefer this tea with sugar, and no milk.
Overall: 8/10

I may soon I will discontinue buying from Adagio Teas. They started out as a great company. The fandom teas have been a fun and creative thing to do. However:

-they have upped their prices
-they have stopped including free tea samples in orders, whereas many companies like Davids Tea still do this
-they have changed their tins to a new packaging, which is unattractive and I dislike it immensely.
- their tea quality has stayed the same, yet they charge more

I will hold out a bit longer, but I’m not sure I’ll continue buying from them next year. I may make exceptions for favorites (such as Raggedy Man Goodbye, Lon Lon Milk, and Sailor Jupiter). But I have found companies that just produce better tea (Davids Tea has recently become my new favorite, though there are others)

Extremely disappointed with Adagio’s new 5oz tin packaging.

It looks awful compared to the old packaging, which features the artist’s label over the full lid, horizontally. And it had the option to upload a label for the sides of the tin as well. These just look ugly.

I have a few of the old tins, and I reuse them for holding art supplies and other knick knacks. These new ones I will throw away after the tea is gone.

Rooibos cinnamon chai by David’s tea review
Smell: nutty and spiced
Pure- it tastes like a lightly flavored rooibos without additives. Sort of sweet, very nutty with a touch of cinnamon
W/additives- additives really bring out the cinnamon and other spices

Veritaserum review adagio teas-
Smell: basically like a chocolate-raspberry truffle.
Pure- cocoa-y, naturally sweet and a bit raspberry jammy.
W/additives- this is essentially a liquified raspberry truffle
Overall: 9/10
Note: this tastes nearly EXACTLY like David’s Tea’s “chocolate rocket” which is more expensive. So if you’re looking for an alternative to that, this is definitely it!

Poly juice potion from adagio teas
Smell: sweet and spicey
Pure- very spicy, not overly so.
W/additives- sweet, mellowly spiced
Overall: 9/10

Green tea frappuccino made with Davids Tea Matcha Matsu~
Simple recipe-
1/2c ice
1c milk
1tsp matcha
4tsp sugar and a splash of vanilla

Cucumber black tea by davids tea
Smell: this has a very cool, minty and grassy scent
Taste: no sugar for this one. This tea tastes EXACTLY like a cucumber.
Overall: well I kind of hate this tea. Cucumber is just not a good flavor for a drink. So in my opinion, it’s a 3. But because of the fact it tastes exactly like a cucumber, 7/10. I honestly couldn’t take more than a few sips

Mango fruit punch by Davids tea
Smell: extremely fruity!
Pure- naturally sweet, very juice-like
W/additives- this could literally BE a hawaiian punch drink
Overall: 6.5/10
I like hawaiian punch, this tastes like hawaiian punch. But it’s not really a tea If that’s what you’re looking for

Just peachy by David’s tea review
Smell: sweet, and very peach like as the name suggests

Pure- very fruity and naturally sweet. Reminds me of peachy-o ‘s
W/additives- much sweeter, and more intense flavor
Overall: 7/10
Not exactly in my tastes, but if fruity teas are up your alley give it a try

I would definitely appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of what to use to sweeten matcha!

Cocoa canela by David’s tea review
Smell: very cocoa-y with a slight cinnamon smell
Pure- warm, cocoa-y without being sweet, and lightly cinnamony
W/additives- this turns into a full blown chocolate bar with a cinnamon spice. Yum!
Will buy again!

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